West, part 1

The tale of our trip to Washington for Mike & Nadine’s wedding, and back to Montana to visit Cockroach & Leah, and some backpacking thrown in for good measure.

Day 1:

Drive 850 miles.  Check into cheap motel in Billings, MT.  Sleep.

(North Dakota is nicer than I remember it being.  The eastern portion is actually quite pretty with all the rolling hills.  Much better than South Dakota)

Day 2:

Drive 700 miles.

Eastern Washington is strange.  After you come down through the mountains in Idaho, you come into these lovely rolling plains that go on and on and on…then all of a sudden, the road descends 2000 feet.  The plains are on a giant plateau, but you never would guess that you are at a higher elevation than Kansas.

We arrived in Wenatchee, WA to catch the tail end of Mike & Nadine’s pre-wedding BBQ.  There we met Jim and Carol, who were nice enough to offer these weary travelers (who didn’t plan their trip much ahead of time) a spot in their pasture to pitch their tent.

Day 3:

Breakfast was homemade granola, homemade yogurt, and tons of fruit fresh off the tree/bush/vine.  Jim and Carol have it good.  Then off to the wedding…We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  Mike and Nadine got married next to their goat pen in the shade of their willow tree, under a chuppah quilt Mike’s mom made.

Washington-Montana 2009 024

It was a pretty darn fun wedding.

Washington-Montana 2009 038

Plus, there were baby goats.

Washington-Montana 2009 047

Josh is lucky one of them didn’t end up in the Fit.

That evening we moved out of the pasture and into a cabin with Roach & Leah and Larry (Mike & Roach’s dad) & Sandy.  There was a hottub.  And whiskey.  It was lovely.

Day 4:

Drive 400 miles.  In true Cochran fashion, almost run of gas in the middle of Montana.

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