West, part 2

Day 5:

Kevin and Leah have jobs, which they had to go back to.  Josh and I spent the day finalizing details for our backpacking trip.  We visited the Forest Service office, where they have the huge topo maps, and picked our trail.  Then we hit the outfitters for some last minute supplies and Josh’s fishing license.  When Kevin and Leah got home for work, we decided to do a quick 1-mile overlook hike.  The drive itself was pretty spectacular, as it climbed most of the way up the mountain.  It was about 6:30pm when we started up the trail.  (Who can guess where this story is going?)  The 5-months pregnant Leah turned around about halfway up, and Josh and I pressed on to the top.  We got there just in time to catch the sun setting over the mountains.  It was pretty spectacular.

Washington-Montana 2009 090

Washington-Montana 2009 092

Washington-Montana 2009 072

Washington-Montana 2009 080

Then, because the sun was setting, we hauled ass off that mountain.  Which of course takes us back into the forest, where the sun has already set.  What took us over an hour to get up took about 25 minutes to get down, with one little hiccup.  That damn root was sticking straight up, not far but just far enough to catch my toe.    Ouch!  I will spare you the photo of the road rash on my calf, but it is only now, almost a month later, healed.  Lesson:  don’t hike in the dark without flashlights.  Duh.

We made it down the trail and found Kevin and Leah waiting patiently in the car.  We headed home, had frozen pizza and beer, and went to bed.

Next up on the Internal Ledger:  Our hike up Chaffin Creek


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