West, part III

Day 6:

Time to hit the trail.  The trailhead is just south of Darby, MT and follows a creek called Chaffin.  From the map, it’s only 6 miles and 2700 feet.  This is the last time I will ever refer to 2700 feet as “only.”

Washington-Montana 2009 099

Washington-Montana 2009 102

The trail climbed pretty steadily, crossing between forest next to the creek and a massive rockslide, with the cliffs going straight up about a thousand feet.

Washington-Montana 2009 108

Washington-Montana 2009 114

Washington-Montana 2009 115

Washington-Montana 2009 122

After two very steep series of switchbacks across the rockslide, we reached the first of three fords of the creek.   It was a lovely little waterfall and a great place to rest a bit after the climb.

Washington-Montana 2009 130

More climbing, more fords, more climbing, more climbing, and a little more climbing…at last we reached the lake.  This trail connects to a chain of three lakes, but we decided to camp at the first one since it took us longer to get up there than we expected.

I’m not sure you could ask for a nicer campsite.

Washington-Montana 2009 136

Jambalaya with summer sausage for dinner, hot coco for desert, and whiskey and cigars by the fire.  A perfect end to the day.

Washington-Montana 2009 140


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