Bar La Grassa

Last night we walked across the street to the newly-opened Bar La Grassa.  Taking over the old Babalu space, this new restaurant’s thing is pasta – the menu has several dishes of dried and fresh pasta, along with various bruschettas and antipasti.  I’ve been eagerly anticipating this place opening, in a “still-looking-for-a-good-Auriga-replacement” sort of way.  The location definitely wins points.  Last night was the first official night they were open (I think they had a soft open over the weekend), so of course the place was filled with various friends and who’s-who of the local restaurant scene.  We sat at the pasta bar where a nice young kid transferred from 112 and a lovely chap named Brad served us.  The beer list is decent – a nice mix, they have Primo on tap for $4 , but it’s not overly heavy on the locals.  We ordered the pickled tomatoes and the prosciutto – I forgive Brad for thinking I wanted to order the “plate of just prosciutto and nothing else” instead of the “apples, prosciutto, and gorgonzola” that I actually wanted. (It was loud, first night jitters.)  The prosciutto was good, but a bit much (it was just a plate of meat.)  The tomatoes, however – pretty amazing.  Little red and yellow cherry tomatoes that were pickled in a tumeric-cumin sauce, mixed with goat cheese.  Yum.

Overall, we had a lovely time and a very good impression of this new neighborhood spot (Not everyone thinks we live in a neighborhood, but I digress).  The service was friendly and attentive and the food made me want to try more of the menu.  If this holds up, I just may have to steal their liquor liscence off the wall…


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