West, part IV

It is snowing outside my window, so what better time to continue the tale of our trip to Montana this summer?

Day 7:

In the morning we discovered that we had forgotten to pack the butter (ok, we were camping, it was Parkay in a squeeze bottle), which would make our planned breakfast of pancakes difficult.  Josh, ever the creative type, decided that scrambled pancakes would taste as good as flat ones, and that solved the sticking-to-the-pan problem.

Washington-Montana 2009 151

I was pretty wiped out from the hike the day before, so I stayed in camp, but Josh decided to explore the trail to the other two lakes.

Washington-Montana 2009 155

Washington-Montana 2009 189

Washington-Montana 2009 207

Washington-Montana 2009 167

Washington-Montana 2009 210

Josh returned to the campsite and convinced me to go up to the next lake with him, where there was a perfect spot for swimming.  (Our lake had a very mucky shore.)  Swimming in water that was a glacier not too long ago is…invigorating.  It also doesn’t tend to allow for very long swim times.

We had another relaxing evening by the fire, and prepared to descend the mountain in the morning.


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