A simple dinner

I said I’d write more about food, so here I go…

Chuck, if you are one of my 6 readers, avert your eyes.

Salad of peppers, red onion, kalamatas, and feta.  So light, so colorful, so yummy.  The other day I was thinking about how sick I am of winter produce – I really don’t want to eat another mealy tomato this year.  So, I’ve been playing with salads that are a departure from “lettuce, tomato, croutons.”

Of course, in our house, even a “simple” dinner makes the kitchen look like this.

So pretty!

Served with beef quesadillas.  Hot and spicy and crunchy and salty and oh-so-good.

Pepper Salad

1 each red, orange, yellow pepper

half a red onion

1 cucumber

kalamata olives, pitted

about 1/4 lb. feta

1/4 c red wine vinegar

1/4 c water

1 tbl kosher salt

2 tsp sugar

olive oil, salt, pepper to taste

Combine vinegar, water, salt, and sugar in a small bowl.

Chop onion into half-inch chunks.  Put in vinegar mixture to quick pickle.

Chop peppers, cucumber, olives, and feta into roughly half-inch chunks.  Combine in big bowl.

Strain onions.  Reserve half the liquid and add to bowl with other ingredients.  Also add onions.

Stir.  Add olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste.

(inspired by)

Steak Quesadillas

I used one 8-10 oz steak for 2 quesadillas.  Use as much meat as you need.

Slice steak into thin strips about 1-2 inches long.  Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of cumin.  Sautee until just cooked through. Remove from pan and set aside.

Slice one jalapeno, one shallot (or small amount of onion) and a bit of smoked chipotle pepper. (Skip the chipotle if you don’t want super spicy.)  Sautee in same pan as beef for 5-7 min.  Remove and set aside.  Keep pan hot.

Microwave large tortilla for 20 sec.  Grate cheese on tortilla.  For this, I used cheddar and gruyere, because that’s what I had.  Anything will do.  Spread layer of steak on half of tortilla. Top with layer of jalapeno-onion mixture.  Fold tortilla in half.  Brush top side with oil.  Flip over and put oil side down in hot pan.  Turn heat down to medium.  Brush oil on other side while cooking.  Flip after 5ish min (check bottom of tortilla – you want it crispy but not burned.) When the other side is crispy and the cheese is nice and melty, it’s done.  Put it on a plate and slice in fourths.  Serve with sour cream or salsa or both or neither.


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