Finally…Kubla…in HD!

I finally (I know! It took me three days!) got some videos off the Flip and up on YouTube. Here is Kubla, in full 1080p.

  • We had a very busy weekend. On Friday, I took Kubla to meet Kate and Ren.

  • On Saturday, John, Carrie, Genevieve, and Ida came over. Genevieve enjoyed meeting Kubla.

  • Saturday night, we went to the Gogol Bordello concert at 1st Ave, then came back to our place. Kubla showed us how punk he is by destroying a pot of wheatgrass.

  • On Sunday, Alex & Jill and Mat & Monique had a puppy shower for Kubla. He met a lot of new people.

  • He also really enjoyed opening some presents.

    Kubla – Day 2 & 3

    Kubla is settling in quite nicely. He is learning that doorways aren’t too scary; that he likes yogurt but not cheese so much; that he doesn’t like riding in the front seat of the Fit but the way back is just fine; that Artemis usually hisses at him but Salem doesn’t; and that the other dogs seem really nice but for some reason we won’t let him play.

    Crazy puppy!

    Sleeping Kubla is one with the floor.

    Tired mama enjoys a glass of wine after the little one falls asleep.

    There is video coming but I need to get it up on youtube. Soon, I promise.

    New direction…

    Up until now, this has been a blog mainly about food, but also about design, and travel, and random thoughts about theater…
    Not any more.

    I’m sorry.

    From now on, this blog will mostly be about…..

    (I will try to get some cooking back in here, this summer, when the eatin’ gets good. But until then, it’s all cute, all the time.)