Finally…Kubla…in HD!

I finally (I know! It took me three days!) got some videos off the Flip and up on YouTube. Here is Kubla, in full 1080p.

  • We had a very busy weekend. On Friday, I took Kubla to meet Kate and Ren.

  • On Saturday, John, Carrie, Genevieve, and Ida came over. Genevieve enjoyed meeting Kubla.

  • Saturday night, we went to the Gogol Bordello concert at 1st Ave, then came back to our place. Kubla showed us how punk he is by destroying a pot of wheatgrass.

  • On Sunday, Alex & Jill and Mat & Monique had a puppy shower for Kubla. He met a lot of new people.

  • He also really enjoyed opening some presents.


    One response to “Finally…Kubla…in HD!

    • Lena Wood

      Sooooo cute!!! I can’t wait to meet him…whenever I’m in Mpls next…actually, at the rate I’m going, he’ll probably be bigger than me. 😉

      Love the video of Kubla and Ren!

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