Catching Up

  • I have a backlog of photos and video, because I’ve been so busy with Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen, which you should come see before June 13 at the Theatre Garage.

  • But enough self promotion, let’s take a walk down memory lane, to two weeks ago, when Kubla was soooo small…..

  • If you drop his leash on the ground, he will pick it all up in his mouth before he will go any further.

  • Playing with Vince

  • Did I tell you he likes his hole? Kubla really likes his hole.

  • Kubla’s hole

  • Behind our building, under the Industrial Staffing stairs, there is a little depression in the ground. It’s Kubla’s personal hole. He looks forward to visiting it on every “walk.” (Really, we should call them “doing-anything-and-everything-EXCEPT-using-four-legs-to-achieve-continuous-forward-motion.”)

  • Regardless of how distracted he is, when we approach the hole he will get excited and run over to it, where he will throw himself to the ground and start rolling around, eating grass and barking to himself in contentment.

  • My hole!

  • My hole has grass in it!

  • I like my hole.

    Kubla’s first set buld

    Kubla is growing so fast, and he’s learning so much! He loves going to the dog park, where he gets thoroughly covered in slobber by the bigger dogs. He comes home covered in dust and sleeps for hours. He’s going up stairs pretty well, and is learning to go down. From being scared to death of the elevator at first, he now loves it. He’s almost sleeping through the night, a thing Josh and I are looking forward to very much.

  • We were building sets for Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen this weekend, and brought Kubla to the rehearsal space with us. At first he didn’t like the loud noise of the saws, and he really didn’t like that all these people weren’t paying attention to HIM. But eventually he settled down.

  • After we were done at the space, we stopped at the grocery store. I stayed in the car while Josh ran inside.

  • Look how well I sit!

  • Can I be done sitting now?

  • I'm really tired of sitting!

  • When will Josh be back?

    Kubla’s first Anarchist parade

  • Kubla is growing very fast. Last Wednesday at the vet he weighed 17.8 pounds. We just bought a bathroom scale today, and he is 19.6.

  • Kubla must have been spying on Artemis from afar, because somehow he has learned how to otter.

  • Last Sunday, we (with Drea, Dani & Jaime) took Kubla to the annual HOTB May Day parade. He wasn’t sure about all the loud drums.

  • But everyone stopped to say hi to him, including people who were marching in the parade.

  • By the end of the parade he was all tuckered out.