Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sea Ranch, etc.

  • We have been in California since Thursday – we spent the first few days hanging out with Andrea and her mother in Marin, and yesterday headed up to Sea Ranch, where Drea’s friend Maya has a place. As a happy coincidence, our friend Sarah Olivieri happened to have a couple of days off work, so she joined us. Yesterday was also our second wedding anniversary, and it was a pretty spectacular way to spend the day.

  • Heading up Hwy. 1

  • Sea Ranch

  • It's kinda pretty here.

  • ...if you like that kind of thing.

  • Seals!

  • Josh, Drea, Liz & Sarah

  • Today we went for a hike in the morning, went home to watch Spain own Honduras, and went down to the coast at low tide to play in the tide pools.

  • Tide pool

  • Mussles

  • more pretty.


    Kubla has a thing for decks.

  • Kubla asleep on our balcony, snuggling with one of his stuffed animals.

  • Kubla asleep on Mali's deck, with his nose poking through the railing.

    Not about the dog??!!

  • We recently ended up with waaaaayyyy too much spinach and mushrooms from the farmer’s market.

  • Which means…pesto!

  • Remember when…

  • It’s hard to believe it was only seven weeks ago that a frightened little puppy arrived in Minneapolis on a plane from Virginia.

  • He can’t even fit in that crate any more.

  • Kubla and Dolce…

  • …a love story

  • Dolce is our neighbor Fred’s Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. She and Kubla are BEST FRIENDS. (Kubla is also BEST FRIENDS with Olive and Gordy. He’s not sure why Winston and Bishop don’t like him.)

  • She's such a tease.

  • Okay, I'll share.

  • Just kidding!

  • “Bath Time”

  • Kubla got a bath this evening.

  • Of course, “giving the dog a bath” really means “getting water all over ourselves and the bathroom, and some of it ends up on the dog.”