Time Flies

  • Kubla is five months old today.

    He was sick with an upper respiratory infection last week, but he has bounced back and then some. He seems to have entered a new phase of puppyhood, which comes with a new level of energy. He’s starting to get his adult teeth, and he’s well over 50 pounds. He has figured out that our bed is very comfy, even though he’s not allowed in it. So, he just sneaks into it when we’re not looking. He likes to chase Artemis, which we allow because we figure she deserves it. Salem is pretty much indifferent.

    Strap a barrel to my neck and take me to the mountains!

  • And this is my pirate face.

  • Kubla's new bed. It's an old canvas Australia Post bag.

  • Making sure rocks still taste good.

  • Good sit.

  • Can I have some hot dog?

  • Ok, NOW can I have some hot dog?

  • Action shot.

  • Salem = Not Impressed.


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