An anniversary of sorts

  • Looking both ways before you cross the street doesn’t always work.

  • It was five years ago tonight that I took a Ford Expedition in the chest. It could have been so much worse. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Patrick Yoon, the awesomest orthopedic surgeon in town. Not only did he keep me walking, he now attends most nimbus productions.

  • And to Carrie, for leaving her own birthday party so she could meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time in the HCMC ER. And for pushing all the right buttons to make those damn machines shut up.

  • And to everyone who sent me cards and food, everyone who came over to cook or clean or take me to the store so I could ride around in those motorized carts, or helped me hobble down to Auriga to hang with the Fringe folks, everyone who kept me sane during my recovery…

  • And to Josh, who did all that and more.

  • Thank you.

    One thought on “An anniversary of sorts

    1. Happy anniversary (of sorts)! Today marks my 14th anniversary of surviving a life-threatening car accident, so I know how important the milestone feels.

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