Monthly Archives: August 2010

Down by the river

We took Kubla to the Minnehaha dog park on Sunday. This place is awesome – it’s quite a hike through the woods, then you get to the off-leash area, which is a huge stretch of river where the dogs can play in the water. Kubla definitely is more comfortable going into the water, tho he still won’t go very deep.

  • Kubla isn’t very fast, and he knows it. While the other dogs were madly chasing tennis balls and launching themselves into the river to go after huge logs, Kubla spent a lot of time “chasing” tree branches. The ones that were still attached to the trees. He also likes to pounce on leaves. I think that’s what was happening here…

  • He did find it fun to chase a stick Josh was tossing for him, as long as the stick wasn’t thrown more than three feet or so.

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    Ok, so it took me a week to get around to writing this…

    Last weekend, our friends Dani and Jaime were here for a final visit before they relocate to Stockholm, Sweden. Plans are already in the works for a Summer Solstice trip next year.

    As anyone who knows me well can attest, August means tomatoes, which means I don’t stop talking about gazpacho. I will spare you the recipe this time. If you would like it, see last year.


  • Too hot to turn on the oven. Bread gets baked on the grill.

  • Tomato peeling goddess

  • Hard work on top, party in the bowl.

  • This loaf didn't actually make it to the dinner table. We ate it too fast.

  • Cucumber rosemary cocktail. Gotta stay hydrated.

  • Salmon. Garnish. Bread loaf #2.

  • They grow up so fast

    Kubla is 6 months old today.

    He weighs 66 pounds.

  • And, just for reference…

    May 2nd