Finding new paths after 30

Apologies, this post has no photos of puppies.

Giving credit where credit’s due – My mother thinks I should expand this blog, and keep the stuff about dogs, keep doing more food, but also talk about other things like theater, lifestyle, and…finding new paths after 30.

I will be honest, my first thought was “Are you kidding? How cheesy! Who wants to read that?”

But, as always, in some way or another, mom is right.

I am not interested in making this blog some sort of inspirational-find-your-true-calling-I-hope-Oprah-discovers-me thing. But I do think there’s value in talking about my current situation to a bigger audience than my husband, best friend, and dog. (The cats don’t listen. I try, but they just walk away.) Maybe this will help me actually find work. Maybe it will be self-indulgent and my two-dozen readers will ignore any post that isn’t titled “This post has dog pictures in it!” Maybe it will be interesting to talk about where I am, and find out who else is there and what people think.

The truth is that I have no idea what I’m doing or what I should do. I got laid off from a job that I wasn’t particularly excited about anyway, but it was employment and now I don’t have that. I can tell you a whole lot of things that I know I don’t want to do, but I’m not so sure about the things I do want to do. The thought of writing cover letters scares me to death. I’ve never had to market myself to potential employers – I got my gigs at Jeune Lune and the Fringe straight out of college, that naturally built into the AV freelancing I did for a while, and when I left the bookstore I went straight into something that was basically made up for me. Some of my most tangible skills are things I’ve gained from nimbus, not from any employer.

So here I am. Over 30. Trying to find a new path. And trying not to be too cheesy in the process.

And so, dear readers, I will keep you posted on my various thoughts and frustrations of my path-finding expedition. Please let me know your thoughts, or observations on your own experiences.

And don’t worry, there still will be plenty of Kubla photos to distract us along the way.


2 responses to “Finding new paths after 30

  • Jeremy

    Well, neighbor… Glad I read this!! I think your situation is Inspirational!!! And I am not a fairy tale believing wierdo, just a regular wierdo?
    Glass of wine sooner than later!

  • Lena

    Honestly, I think after 30 (or in my case, a few years before) is the best time to be blazing new trails. You have enough life experience to know what you’re NOT willing to do and enough confidence to be willing to demand nothing less. There’s a lot to be said for that.

    It took me 7 years to figure out that I don’t like any job that has regular hours and requires me to be someplace on a regular basis…not only do I not like it, it’s bad for my mental health. Once I have freedom, flexibility, and variety in my work life, I’m happy! Doula work could not be a more ideal fit…

    Of course, there’s the getting paid part…but I’m finding that when you start doing what you love, and putting that intention out there, things open up in unexpected ways. Hmmm. Maybe that sounded a little more woo-woo than I wanted it to…but to my complete and utter surprise, I’m finding it to be true.

    In fact, I know so many people in Portland right now who are saying goodbye to the 9-5 and pursuing their various passions, that it kind of makes me want to write a book about our generation and its approach to freelancing…I just feel this tremendous shift happening away from the way our parents and their parents thought about work, jobs, vocation…it’s not a coherent thesis yet, but your post is just one more little bit to add to the pot of ideas swirling in my head about up and coming 30-somethings who are moving away from traditional “jobs”.

    Anyway. What I guess what I’m trying to say is yay for finding new paths, and for diving into the deep end without always knowing what’s coming next. Can’t wait to read more about it.

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