Open for Business

Thanks to everyone who came by yesterday.  It’s fun to keep hitting “refresh” on my dashboard and watch the page hits go up.  Oh, the things you spend time on when unemployed!


Some of you may have read yesterday’s post and thought, “Ok, Liz is over 30 and making jokes about hiking.  But what can she actually DO?”  So I thought I’d share the type of things I would be happy to get paid to do.  My perfect world scenario includes working for myself, so for now I’m focusing on freelance and contract work.


Things Liz Can Do:

Plan your event – fundraiser, party, concert, opening, wedding, etc.  I am good at logistics, details, and keeping it all in order.  I am good at handling deadlines.  Depending on the type of event, I have knowledge of staging and audio-visual systems and equipment, and know who to rent from and who to hire.


Manage your project – I used to be a stage manager, so I know how to balance all aspects of a project and make sure everyone involved knows what is going on.  I am comfortable working with all levels of staff, and with media communications, politicians, and other big-wigs.  I can handle your budget, your personnel, your time line, and your needs to make sure the project is finished to your satisfaction.


Write your grant or raise your funds – To be honest, development isn’t what I want to do all the time, but I have written successful grants and fund raising letters, so I can help you with yours.  I am happy to pass on writing samples if the above statement wasn’t enough of a ringing endorsement of my talent and commitment.


Write, shoot, edit, or produce your video – I am not a filmmaker or an aspiring film director.  I do know how to use several different kinds of camera, how to set up lighting, how to run your shoot, and I can edit it all when we’re done.  I know Final Cut Pro, Logic, Soundtrack Pro, LiveType, and Camtasia.  I have access to Avid and am willing to learn if necessary.


Run your theater company – I’ve run mine for almost ten years.  We’re opening a new space.  I am learning how to do that as we go.  But I have a lot of other knowledge gained from my years of running my organization, and I am happy to advise or consult as necessary on yours.


Lots of things! – I may not have listed every possibility here, but I am smart and I think well on my feet.  I am open to new experiences and I learn quickly.  Let me know if you hear of something that might be a good fit!


One response to “Open for Business


    Good stuff. Might you want to send it the folks at the Schubert. Have you asked Oyaas for some ideas? Project work at the Guthrie. Maybe there’s something at the Capri. Check in with Karl Reichert–612-708-5275. Maybe the Beal/Brin machine could use you on some of their projects.

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