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The poll resulted in a tie, so I choose the winner and it is…

Itty Biscuits!

Garry Geiken wins a batch.

I’m now also taking orders:

– $5 for a bag of 6 itty biscuits, 3 random flavors.

-$8 for a bag of 12, one flavor: Cheddar Jalapeno; Pear & Pecan; Tomato & Kalamata Olive; Parmesan Grannysmith

Email orders to:  Let me know what you want and when you want it.  Please allow three days between ordering and pick-up/delivery.


Poll, and Orders!

Zach Curtis has won himself a batch of jalapeno & cheddar yum with his suggestion of “nimbiscuits.”


However, I’d also like something to call them that isn’t related to my theater company…


(whoever suggested the winning name will also get a free batch.)


Also, I now have my first TWO official orders!  Two!  For real!  I wrote them down and everything!


I’m thinking of making some flavor sample packs for people to try out – $5 for 6 biscuits, three different flavors.  Interested?


If enough people are interested, I’ll actually come up with a real order form, and once I have a name I’ll have a separate blog, too.

Name Ideas Needed

As some of you know, I have this idea for a little food venture/business.

The idea, for those in the dark, is savory bite-sized biscuits. I’ve been experimenting with different flavors and baking methods – the idea is that you can buy them frozen, and pop them in the oven to serve as an appetizer or munchy thing at parties. Winning flavors so far: Jalapeno & cheddar, pear & pecan, pistachio & tahini, bacon & maple, mustard & leek, tomato & kalamata olives…the main thing is that they are savory, not sweet. There’s enough competition in the dessert world.

I’d like to start working on it a bit more, maybe serve them at the theater, or launch a blog/website, but I need a good name for whatever it is these yummy things are. I’m no good at naming things. The best I’ve been able to come up with is “Liz’s Biscuit Bites” and that sucks.

Photos below if you’ve never tried them, or need some reference. Name ideas in the comments. Go.

Eat me!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Khan

Last April, a crate arrived in Minneapolis containing a 9-week-old, 14-pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy. He was scared and hungry and had the cutest spotted nose you’ve ever seen.

We had no idea what we were getting into. We spend a lot of time talking to our breeder, but she was in Virginia and going there to pick our dog just wouldn’t work. So she sent us some photos and we pointed at one of them.

Enter Kubla Khan’s Stately North Loop Pleasure Dome.

I am as biased as parents of children are. I think he’s the best dog ever and that no dog could possibly be more awesome than he is. I’ve always wanted a dog, and never had one, and Kubla is perfect. He’s loving and cuddly but not in-your-face-licky-y. He wants to follow you wherever you go, but he doesn’t freak out and destroy things when you leave. (Except the bungee cord toggle on my Keen boots. I don’t understand that one.) He can completely consume a rawhide bone in 15 minutes, but is incredibly gentle with children. He takes his role as a watchdog very seriously, and watches the cats constantly. He even lets us know when they (ok, Artemis – like Salem ever does anything wrong) are into something they shouldn’t be.

At nine weeks, he weighed 14 pounds. Today, on his first birthday, he weighs 113. He has grown 100 pounds in 10 months. We joke that it’s a good thing his bark is so scary, because if a burglar ever actually got into our house he would just be expected to take Kubla to the dog park.

Happy Birthday, Kubla, and many many more.