Name Ideas Needed

As some of you know, I have this idea for a little food venture/business.

The idea, for those in the dark, is savory bite-sized biscuits. I’ve been experimenting with different flavors and baking methods – the idea is that you can buy them frozen, and pop them in the oven to serve as an appetizer or munchy thing at parties. Winning flavors so far: Jalapeno & cheddar, pear & pecan, pistachio & tahini, bacon & maple, mustard & leek, tomato & kalamata olives…the main thing is that they are savory, not sweet. There’s enough competition in the dessert world.

I’d like to start working on it a bit more, maybe serve them at the theater, or launch a blog/website, but I need a good name for whatever it is these yummy things are. I’m no good at naming things. The best I’ve been able to come up with is “Liz’s Biscuit Bites” and that sucks.

Photos below if you’ve never tried them, or need some reference. Name ideas in the comments. Go.

Eat me!


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