Crazy Idea #67

I used to joke that when I was done with stage managing I would go into wedding planning, because they are basically the same thing.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe it might not be a bad idea.

I would only be interested in planning weddings for people who know they want a unique event, but don’t want to get sucked into the behemoth that is the wedding industry in this country. I would only want to plan weddings for people who want weddings like mine was – a unique reflection of the couple, with an emphasis on the marriage not the wedding, where every detail exists because the couple want it, not because it’s “supposed” to happen.

I even have a slogan – “Uncommon weddings for uncommon people.”

We have some friends who got married quietly at the courthouse earlier this year. They will be having the “make the family happy” reception at Nimbus Theatre this summer. I’ve offered to help plan, so maybe this is the dry run for my other new business.


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