Day 2 – Goteborg

I was up by 8am.  On a Sunday.  Yay, Jetlag!

We had breakfast, and arrived at the Goteborg Stadsmuseum before they opened at 10.  We mainly went there to see their Viking artifacts – they have the remains of one of the only actual viking longships ever found.  There was also quite an extensive exhibit about the history of Goteborg.  The museum was a little odd – some of the displays had Swedish and English, but some only Swedish.  There was an exhibit about “10,000 years of human history” that had some cool artifacts, but the text accompanying them was frustrating – it kept asking questions instead of telling you about the artifact.  “In the past graves included pottery, but now they included iron nails.  Why do you think this is?”  I don’t know.  You’re the friggin’ museum.  You’re supposed to tell me!

The Viking ship was cool, but the exhibit surrounding it was rather random.  Some Viking artifacts, and some random statues of Odin, Freya, etc, which looked interesting but had no information about who carved them or when (definitely not as old as the ship.)  

There were lots of placards with information, but again it was all very random – some about the ship specifically, some about Viking life and society, and some various quotes from the Eddas and some Muslim scholar who travelled through the “northlands” in 900 AD thrown in for good measure.

We ate a quick lunch, and decided to rent bikes to explore the city.  But the damn “chip and pin” credit card system in Sweden foiled us, as the machine wouldn’t take our cards.  Back to the hotel, where a quick regrouping became naptime.  (Yay, jetlag!)

Now we have begun our mission to find somewhere for dinner, which on a Sunday is apparently as hard as finding something open in downtown St. Paul after 5pm.


Later:  We wandered around the Haga neighborhood, and ate dinner at a place called Hemma Hos, which was a lovely little small-plate restaurant.  Josh had a Portlandia moment when he asked the waiter if the moose we ate was farmed or wild.  The waiter misunderstood and told us that they have a lot of moose up north in Sweden.  We said “So do we, we’re from Minnesota.”  The waiter said “Ahh…Minnesota Wild!”

Soon we will be off to bed, or attempt to, because the Volvo folks are picking us up bright and early to take us to the factory to pick up the car.  Woo-hoo!


Random Travel Observations:

1.  Irish Pubs are Universal.  No matter where you travel, you will be able to find an Irish pub where the beer is familiar and the language is English.

2.  The Swedish are even more determined than Minnesotans to enjoy the limited warm weather they receive.  Every restaurant patio I have seen has little fleece blankets draped over the chairs, so people can still sit outside despite the 50 degree temps.

3.  Sweden is just like Minnesota, at least musically.  Pretty much every place we have walked into during the past two days has played at least one song we have heard on The Current recently.  Also, if you want to look trendy in Sweden, wear Chuck Taylors.  And skinny jeans.  And a plaid shirt.  Like I said, just like Minnesota.


(apologies for the lack of photos.  The internet is dismally slow at this hotel.  Hopefully more to come in the future.)


2 responses to “Day 2 – Goteborg

  • Jake Davis

    yeah, the chip and pin caught us up in London as well.

    jetlag sucks.

    I can report on the presence of Irish Pubs in Dijon (run by a Spaniard, no less) and Tokyo, run by British ex-pats.

  • Dan Pinkerton

    If you go to Stockholm, be sure to go to the Vasa Museum. They have a 17th-century ship that was pulled up from the harbor and restored. They have built a museum around it that’s totally amazing. Tons of info, and all of it in 5 or 6 languages.

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