Day 3 continued – Car and Ystad

We met our driver again early this morning and were taken to the Volvo factory, where we went through the paperwork and then received our car.

There she is


We got to take a factory tour, which was pretty awesome. (Sorry, no photos allowed.) Our tour guide had a very heavy Chinese accent, so he kept talking about the “rowboats” welding the “loof.” It was very cool to see the full assembly line in process, and all the parts coming together.

After lunch we hit the road. Our plan was to head to Ystad, which is on the southern tip of Sweden. There is a super-cool Stonehenge-type place just outside the town, which we will see first thing in the morning before we head back to Helsingborg.

Ystad is a perfect little picturesque town – all timbered houses and cobbled streets and people riding Dutch bikes everywhere. We had dinner and are next heading to the alehouse/brewpub next to our hotel.

Sekel Garden

Quaint church

Quaint street


2 responses to “Day 3 continued – Car and Ystad

  • Vinnie


  • Dan Pinkerton

    Is it your anniversary? If so, I wish you a happy one. The new addition to your family is one of the cutest little babies I’ve ever seen. I don’t recall seeing one of them in the US, but I haven’t been looking for them. And I guess your Chinese tour guide reflects the new ownership — as I recall, Ford sold Volvo to a Chinese company.

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