Day 4 – On to Helsingborg

I took this photo at 10pm last night.  Natural light.


This morning we got up early (stupid jet lag) and hit the road again.  First we visited Ales Stenar, which is a Viking age stone circle on the southern tip of the coast.  It was pretty cool.  (See my Solstice post for pics.)  Getting up early did serve us well, as we were the only people there but as we left the traffic was definitely starting to build up.


We headed back west to the town of Helsingborg, which is just north of Malmo.  We checked into our hotel, then caught the ferry across the straight to Denmark.  It’s the point where Denmark and Sweden are the closest, only 4km apart.  We were headed for Kronborg Castle, otherwise known as Hamlet’s Elsinore.


Guess what our boat was called.




The Grand Ballroom




Apparently this guy will rise again if Denmark is ever threatened. Just like the South.


Cheeky Danish seagull


Also, there was a duty-free shop. On the boat. Because technically we left the country. As soon as you hit the halfway point of the crossing, it opened/closed, depending on what direction you were going. Awesome.


One response to “Day 4 – On to Helsingborg

  • Dan Pinkerton

    We loved Kronborg. They performed a play in the courtyard when we were there. Was it Hamlet? Probably, but alas, in my dotage, I can’t recall. I do remember standing on the shore in Helsingborg, Denmark, and being able to actually see the coast of Sweden — just like Sarah Palin looking at Russia! (Although nobody had ever heard of her then.)

    BTW, great pix of Ales Stenar!

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