Day 5 – Travel to Stockholm

Last night, we did explore Helsingborg a bit more. We keep using the word “quaint” to describe everything in this country.






This morning we got up after a good night’s sleep (can’t blame jet lag any more) and hit the road for Stockholm, a six hour drive. We stopped in Jonkoping, at the southern tip of Lake Vattern, for lunch. We also stopped in Norrkoping, which is a charming (quaint, even) little industrial town that has transformed all of the former textile factories along the river into an awesome assemblage of museums, cafes, and boardwalks connecting it all.




We continued on into Stockholm, where we battled rush-hour traffic and poorly-routed GPS (there are two Oskarsvagens in Stockholm, apparently.) But, we persevered, and arrived at the home of Dani and Jaime, where we found wine, reindeer sausage, Scotch, yummy cheese, friendly kitties and friendly faces. We are settling in for an evening of catching up, and will attack the city first thing tomorrow.



One response to “Day 5 – Travel to Stockholm

  • Dan Pinkerton

    Awesomely quaint photos. You make a very quaint couple, I must say. If you’re ever in Massachusetts, many old mill towns (Lowell, Amoskeag) have turned their former factories into museums and shops. So if you can’t afford airfare, hop in the cute-as-a-bug Volvo and drive to America’s land of good health care.

    And don’t forget: While in Stockholm, visit the Vasa Museum. You will thank me for this recommendation!

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