Sea Kayaking, Modern Art, and So On

Sorry for the lack of posts. Usually sleeping has been more on my mind than blogging when we get home at night.



Monday we just explored the city a bit. Josh and I explored the neighborhood of Sodermalm for a while, then we took one of those cheesy tourist boat tours. It was actually pretty nice – it was a full two hours, and went all around the city.





Tuesday (yesterday) Dani joined us and we headed out to the archipelago. The Stockholm Archipelago has something like 30,000 islands. Some of them are large and have towns on them, and some are just a bit of rock and a tree above the water (tho it seems all of them, even the tiniest, have a summer cottage of some sort on them.)


Our first ferry was all old and made of wood and awesome.



We ferried out to Grinda, which was about a two-hour boat ride from the city. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and chatted with a nice Swedish couple (Swedes are very fond of striking up a friendly conversation with you and then telling you how unfriendly their countrymen are.) Josh and I then rented kayaks and hit the water. We paddled part of the way around Grinda and explored some of the smaller rocky islands.

Alas, no photos can be taken from the helm of a sea kayak. (At least not with the cameras we possess.)


Today (Wednesday) Josh, Dani and I hit the Moderna Museet. They had a lovely exhibit about Siri Derkert that was very cool. They also had a great collection of various Picassos, Dalis, Rauschenbergs, Johns, etc.


A goat wearing a tire - must be modern art! (So excited to see this for realz!)


We also visited the Livery Museum, which contains such awesome artifacts as the Masquerade costume King Gustav III was murdered in (complete with bloody shirt and the actual shot they removed from his body) and the stuffed war horse ridden by King Gustavus Adolphus. The horse died in 1633. (The horse outlived the king.) This museum also included several of the magnificent state carriages, which I surreptitiously snapped photos of.



Now we are off to find some Ethopian food. Yay!


One response to “Sea Kayaking, Modern Art, and So On

  • Dan Pinkerton

    Why, we took that boat tour, too. We liked it a lot. People often feel guilty for doing “touristy” things (not necessarily you two), but after all — whether you’re kayaking in the Adriatic or eating a Burger Royale in Paris, you’re still a tourist.

    And speaking of kayaks, what a cool thing to do in Stockholm. Glad to hear you had a great time!

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