Worth turning the oven on for

What will get me to turn the oven to 475 in August? Pizza. Pizza topped with local in-season awesome.

  • The crust was practically sourdough, because I had made the dough about 5 days earlier, but that night we ended up having cocktails with the neighbors for 4 hours and didn’t get around to cooking dinner.

  • Leeks, romas, and red peppers from the Farmer’s Market. Basil from our garden. The cheese came from Target. That counts as local, right?

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    One response to “Worth turning the oven on for

    • Lena

      Sigh. I’m on the hunt for a new gluten-free pizza dough that doesn’t taste like cement and feel like I’m biting into wet rags. But I will continue to admire everyone else’s pizza! 😉

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