Monthly Archives: October 2011

I come around. Eventually.


A few years ago, I was looking through Josh’s kitchen and came across a box of old Ball jars and lids.  “Can’t you get rid of these?” I asked him.  “No,” Josh told me, “I haven’t been able to in the past few years, but I do want to can things again sometime.”


I scoffed.  Who had the time or inclination to can things?


Fast forward to 2010, when I discovered that homemade salsa really is the best, and canning is actually not that hard and pretty fun.  Especially if done with a group of friends and some beer and football.


This year, Mat and Monique came over for our day of tomato adventures.  We all headed to the Farmer’s Market, and soon were headed home with, among other things, four bushels of tomatoes.


That’s a lot of tomatoes.



It took all day (and night – I think it was 1am when I took the last jars out of the bath) but we ended up with many many jars of different salsas, tomato sauce, and my new super-awesome smoky ketchup.


Just beginning (note the time)


Peeling and chopping


So many tomatoes...


So, so, so many tomatoes...


Obligatory Kubla photo


Not for Chuck.




Still chopping


We ran out of room in the kitchen (that's the entryway table)


We also ran out of room on the stove. Good thing the grill has a burner.


Making sauce


So many tomatoes...





Forget biscuits


Pepper jelly is where it’s at.


Start here…



About an hour later…




(more to come…)