I attempted homemade pasta for the first time tonight. ┬áIt’s pretty easy, but definitely falls into the “more trouble than its worth to do often” category.

I made butternut squash ravioli, with a simple butter sauce.


Roasted squash


Making dough


Rolling (thanks for the roller, Drea!)






Filled with yummy goodness


The main problem with this meal was that it took a looooooonnnnnnng time to prepare. I’m pretty sure Josh snuck out, grabbed something at La Grassa, and snuck back in while I was still assembling raviolis. The dog was eventually begging me for his dinner, since he usually eats when we do.

But, at long last, the ravioli was on our plates. Worth the wait.






They were fairies…


…although, fleece jackets combined with the hat Ida insisted on wearing did lead one person to ask her, “Are you a hiker?”


I'm a fairy, damn it.


(I always say that these posts are for the grandparents, but I ask all twelve of my readers to admit it…you all love pics of the Wee Sisters Neerland.)


Elder Fairy




...or trick


Super fairy power activate!


Daddy's little girl


Ready to go


Fairies in action


Alright, everyone say "Christmas card!"