Hard to believe

It really does still seem surreal.  First, that we made the crazy decision to jump off this particular cliff.  That we found the right space.  That we moved in a blizzard.  That a year later I still get excited when I walk in the door.


Ultimately, it comes down to this:  We had an idea, and a whole lot of people thought it was a good one.  And a whole lot of people helped it go from an idea to a reality, even better than we could have imagined.


To everyone who has done anything in the past year:  THANK YOU.



If I stood in the same spot today, I'd be in the bathroom.



Moving day. Seems so peaceful inside...



Mitch spent most of the day plowing.



We didn't call it a day until the truck got stuck.



The pipe for the grid gets delivered.



That's a lot of multi cable. And it was free.



All able-bodied people were put to work.



We celebrated opening night in style.



Striking "The Balcony."



Doug & Sarah's wedding reception. Sorry about the broken air conditioning.



Kubla is very good at lying on things to make sure they stay in place.



Also, just for comparison:

December, 2010

December 2011