Warning: Gratuitous Meat Content

We have a meat grinder that attaches to the KitchenAid mixer.  We were given it as a wedding present.  We even requested it.  (In part because of a story involving Josh needing ground pork for a recipe, and only having pork chops and a blender on hand…) Despite this, the meat grinder has sat in its box unused all this time.


Well, I finally got around to using it.

My awesome cousin Thomas (who owns a great little joint in New York you may have heard of) gave me the Frankies Spuntino cookbook for Christmas. I decided this was a great chance to make some from-scratch spaghetti and meatballs, so I dusted off the meat grinder box.

from Clancy's


second grind


This bowl contains awesome.


ready to bake

I also made the tomato sauce and Caesar dressing from the book. Both rocked.

But, alas, by the time I got to the finishing and plating and eating part of things, I forgot about the picture taking.
It looked something like this:

Portrait of Dinner as it May Have Appeared