Last time I posted here, I told the story of Kubla and his Big Bad Spleen. We have now encountered the other major health issue Swissys can be prone to: seizures. The only thing that makes it slightly bearable is that we knew it was a possibility. Epilepsy is not common but is a known factor with this breed.

He had the first one at the end of August. In the middle of the night we were woken by a huge crash. In his thrashing, Kubla knocked a penny jar off the bedside table. We knelt naked on the floor amidst the broken glass and scattered pennies and piss and drool and tried to keep him from ending up under the bed; tried to tell him it was ok even though we knew he couldn’t hear us. It came in two waves – just as he seemed to be coming out of it, it hit again. His eyes are open, seeing nothing, mouth snapping, tongue hanging out, legs twitching, paws trying to hold on to something. Eventually it slows, and stops. His eyes refocus and you can see he is back to himself. He is panting and disoriented because he doesn’t know or understand what just happened.

He had another one last night. It seemed longer this time, but time is hard to measure in situations like these. One second is forever. Once he was out of the seizure, it took him about a half an hour to really calm down and come back to himself. He kept pacing around the bedroom, walking until he would come to a corner, then stand there with his head against the wall, then turn and go to the next corner. Eventually he jumped back in bed with us and laid down with a sigh.

We’ll take him to the vet on Monday. He’ll get blood drawn and medication and we’ll work on figuring out what the trigger is, if anything.  We should have taken him after the first one, but a day goes by and then three and you are busy and he seems healthy and happy and maybe, just maybe, you hope it was a one time thing and it won’t happen again so why make a fuss.

It happened again. It will keep happening. All we can hope is to manage it and keep him comfortable and unhurt. Even when you know what is going on, it is so awful. To feel so helpless. To not be able to comfort him, or explain why he is hurt.

Now he’s napping in the sun. He’s gotten lots of bacon and skritches today. I don’t know if he remembers it. I hope not. I wish I didn’t.

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