Halloween 2012

A witch and a girl pirate conquer the world…or the two blocks surrounding their house…

Girl Pirate



There’s no candy in my cauldron…



Ahoy, matey!


If you keep taking pictures of me, I’ll curse you


(it is hard to get children who are excited about trick-or-treating to sit still…)


(…very hard…)






Off to plunder more treasure…

They were fairies…


…although, fleece jackets combined with the hat Ida insisted on wearing did lead one person to ask her, “Are you a hiker?”


I'm a fairy, damn it.


(I always say that these posts are for the grandparents, but I ask all twelve of my readers to admit it…you all love pics of the Wee Sisters Neerland.)


Elder Fairy




...or trick


Super fairy power activate!


Daddy's little girl


Ready to go


Fairies in action


Alright, everyone say "Christmas card!"

How to make the cabin even better

In the past few days, there were a lot of photos taken at that little house on a frozen lake, and I’m sure that some of them will wend their way onto the interwebs, but I felt the need to share the only pictures I made right away.

It’s very important, you see, because they are pictures of…


  • Because the more dogs there are, the better that place is.

    Time flies when you’re unemployed

    I didn’t realize it had been so long. Unemployment is a blessing and a curse. I’ve had the time to devote to the new nimbus space, which needs a lot of attention right now. It’s given me a chance to re-assess and try to figure out what I actually want to be doing. It didn’t really help out with my ability to shop for Christmas, but I didn’t miss the mall or the crazy. The holiday was more about family and being together, which is what it should be.

    So, here are some photos from the last few weeks…

    This is how Kubla sleeps. At least his butt is comfortable.

  • Jasper says hello to Kubla

  • Kubla's ridiculously large Christmas Bone (Thanks, J&C!)

  • Grandma Momo helps Ida open a present

  • Happy Holidays!

    This post is full of cute

    Kubla has a new bed, courtesy of Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Momo.

    Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

  • It took more than a year, but we finally have our own little Paris bistro on the balcony.

  • We discovered this evening that Alex’s “plastic Riedel” glasses have multiple uses.

    Just like mom's!

  • He already knows to hold it by the stem. Then he fed the coaster to the dog.

  • Josh read Jasper a story. Judging by the photo in the book, I’m not sure if this book contains appropriate subject matter.

  • Then it was time for drum circle!

  • Jasper displays his mad whisk skillz.

    Personal Food Porn, etc.

    I just realized that it’s November and I still haven’t finished posting about our trip to Montana in August.  I’ll get cracking on that.

    In the meantime, here’s some food porn, plus some babies:


    Spaghetti squash with parmesan and avocado.


    Coconut chicken with fingerling potatoes.

    A couple of weeks ago, Molly, Emer, and Jasper came over to celebrate Jasper’s moms’ birthdays.  Josh made his amazing seared ahi with a ginger sesame glaze.


    While we have been accused of not having a child-proof home, when Jasper got fussy I was able to rustle up a sarong which worked just great for swaddling.  Happy baby!


    Last weekend we went over to hang out with Genevieve.  Josh read her a story.


    Genevieve was a turtle for Halloween.


    Cutest.  Turtle.  Ever.

    Oh, and speaking of cute, here’s a kitten.