Tribute to the biggest little tree in the North Loop

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get our dried-out 12′ tall christmas tree out of the condo.  We witches like to burn our trees and greens at Imbolc, so I somehow need to get it to Kate’s house without leaving a trail of needles across I94.

So, I spread out a sheet, borrowed Kate’s hedge clippers, poured myself a glass of wine, and snipped away.  Artemis helped, of course.

Thanks, little tree.  You were the best 12-foot-tall-first-condo-christmas-tree ever.

No more lights

Ready to clip

Lower branches gone

The pile grows

My helper

Tall trunk about to get shorter

Done cutting

Ready for transport. Everything fits in the Fit!

Ho Ho Ho

We bought our christmas tree last night.  I’ve never been a fan of huge trees (Chuck has taught me the beauty of an “apartment-sized” tree) but with our new place and its 14′ ceilings, I couldn’t resist.

Also, Josh has a new toy.  Its a Cannon 7D.  For those who know what that is, yes, it is that cool.  For those who don’t:  it’s a reeeeaaaaalllly nice camera.  Josh bought it because it shoots HD video.  I like it because now I can take very pretty pictures.  Enjoy.

New things are exciting

Last night we set up our new tent.  In the dining room.  I don’t know which thing I’m more excited about – the fact that we have a new tent (fair disclosure, we got it more than a year ago as a wedding present, we just haven’t had the opportunity to use it) or the fact that a tent fits in our dining room.


Artemis helped.


And, so she doesn’t feel left out, here’s Salem in the tub.  It’s her new happy place.  I found her stretched out sleeping in there this morning.



We’ve been wanting a Barcelona chair for a very long time.  Good ones – that aren’t prohibitively expensive – are very hard to find.  Then one showed up on Craigslist yesterday.  Woo hoo!


And, in a lovely small-world moment, we discovered that the boyfriend of the guy we bought it from lives in our building.  We told him he could come over and visit his chair any time.

Also, Artemis approves.