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Sweden Day 1 – Arrival

We managed to travel to Sweden without too much difficulty.  Amazingly, we caught all three of our planes, and so did our luggage.  The last leg was questionable, as our plane to Goteborg was scheduled to take off just an hour after our flight to Copenhagen arrived, but that flight landed 30 minutes late.  Luckily, about 30 people on the Chicago-Copenhagen flight were catching the plane to Goteborg, so they held it.

It is raining here in Goteborg, but not enough to keep us from exploring.  Once again, the Lonely Planet guide has steered us right.  We found a cool hipster bar to grab a drink (their music was straight off yesterday’s playlist on The Current), then a great restaurant called Smaka for dinner.  We had salmon carpaccio and a  creamy reindeer tartare to start, and some lovely fish balls (just for you, Drea) and pork cheeks for mains.  Now we’re regrouping at the hotel before heading out to find a cool place for a Saturday night drink.


For Ida Marie

  • (sorry, John.)

  • The Falls in Flood

    Kubla and I took a walk down by the Stone Arch bridge today to check out the river. The St. Anthony falls are pretty spectacular at this time of year.

  • This post is for Maureen

    Yesterday, I stood in for my father as the Honorary Non-Celebrity Add-More-Qualifiers-Here Grand Marshall of the Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day parade. By standing in for Chuck, I actually invalidated the Neerland & Oyaas slogan of “Together they make ONE good Irishman” because I am not Irish at all. Sorry Mark.

  • invalidated slogan

  • we got sashes and everything

  • No idea what this sign means, but some lady made us put it on the car.

  • We marched in front of the mayor. Honorary this, Mr. Mayor.

  • Fr. Gillespie rode in a Porsche, proving yet again how much cooler than the rest of us he is.

  • Kubla sez "I'm Swiss damnitt. Take this shit off me."

    All grown up

    It was time for itty biscuits to leave the nest and try to make it on its own.

    But, itty biscuits now has its own blog!
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    Catching Up

  • I have a backlog of photos and video, because I’ve been so busy with Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen, which you should come see before June 13 at the Theatre Garage.

  • But enough self promotion, let’s take a walk down memory lane, to two weeks ago, when Kubla was soooo small…..

  • If you drop his leash on the ground, he will pick it all up in his mouth before he will go any further.

  • Playing with Vince

  • Did I tell you he likes his hole? Kubla really likes his hole.

  • What do YOU think?


    All 8 of you who read my blog!

    I’ve been thinking about putting more stuff about food up here, but I don’t want to be one of those people who are always talking about what I had for dinner.  I was planning on doing more recipes and technique, because whenever we cook for people they like the food, and I’ve got some great party recipes.

    So, more blogging about food?